A memorial service was held recently for Bob Shubert, a friend of the community who recently passed. Several members of Networking Plus and the Valley Professionals group were in attendance honoring Bob.
The memorial service was held at the American Legion Post 826 in Woodland Hills, CA. Unfortunately, many people could not hear the service well because of the poor quality of the sound system. Noting this, Networking Plus stepped up and through their local charity program, donated a new sound system with an extra 2 wireless microphones to Post 826.
On Tuesday, August 7, 2018, a short ceremony was held at the American Legion Hall, with Networking Plus setting up and giving the new sound system to Post 826. Peggy Shubert, several members of the American Legion Post, and some members of Valley Professionals were present to receive the gift from Networking Plus members. The new sound system was donated in honor of Bob Shubert and should give the American Legion Post 826 many years of great, sound service.